Making Everything Possible

We could not exist without our members

We are proud to have members from all walks of life. They all share one thing in common – they believe in the transformative and restorative power of sailing.

Inclusion for all

Sailing with Pride

At Sailing for the Disabled, inclusivity is not just a goal; it’s our foundation.

We celebrate differences, foster understanding, and embrace every single member as an integral part of our sailing family.

Together, we navigate the waters of acceptance, support, and camaraderie.

Sailing for the Disabled has enabled me to meet and get to know a wide and diverse community on the Isle of Man. I’ve learnt new sailing skills, and got to know the island from the sea.

Anthony Charnley


From All Backgrounds

Celebrating Diversity

Our members encompass a wide spectrum of ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

From seasoned sailors to newcomers, young to old, we thrive on the diversity of our members that enrich our sailing trips.

I have something new to focus on that I love doing, with people who are open minded and wish to keep learning themselves. Membership of the organisation, and being able to contribute to helping others achieve their goals, is very fulfilling.

Karen Leiserach

Crew Member

All Abilities Welcome

Our members are a mix of new and experienced, able-bodied and enabled, and sailing and non-sailing individuals.

Whether you want to offer something back to the community, or whether you would benefit from being in receipt of our services, there is a place for you in our organisation!

Paul Atkinson


faces and stories from Sailing for the Disabled

Voices of our Members

Learn about the inspiring stories of our members and, through their experiences, discover the profound impact that being a member of Sailing for the Disabled has had on their lives.

A Crew Member's Story

Read a Crew Member's story about their experience of joining and becoming a member of Sailing for the Disabled.

An Enabled Sailor's Story

Read an Enabled Sailor's story about how Sailing for the Disabled has impacted on their life.

A Non-Sailing Member's Story

Read a Non-Sailing member's story about why they joined Sailing for the Disabled and what it means to them.

wide reaching benefits

Beyond the Water

Discover for yourself the profound effects our activities can have, and how impactful the power of sailing can be.


Meet new people and forge long-lasting friendships.


Your time at sea will make memories that last a lifetime.


Enjoy the sense of freedom and peace that the open sea provides.


Discover new capabilities and watch your confidence grow.


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