Our Partners

Collaboration is the anchor of our success

We encourage relationships that elevate our mission, bringing together diverse entities that are committed to promoting empowerment and inclusivity.

Explore our two pillars of collaboration: Group Memberships and Corporate Partnerships, each playing a crucial role in how we deliver our mission.

Collective Efforts

Group Memberships

We partner with charities, schools, groups and organisations that support people with disabilities. Collective efforts provide opportunities to maximise our reach and provide sailing trips to as many people as possible.

We’ve built many long and strong relationships over the years, and are always looking to partner with new groups who can help us introduce the benefits of sailing to their group members’ lives.

Our Group Members

Some of the charities, schools, groups and initiatives that we collaborate with. 

our group members say
The team were supportive and communicative at every stage, and ensured the needs of all our families were met resulting in a really positive experience for everyone.

We are so lucky to be able to partner with Sailing for the Disabled and offer our families the chance to sail around our beautiful island.
Kelly Quaye
Manx Mencap
Shared Goals

Corporate Partnerships

Our corporate partnerships are not just about support; they are about shared goals and mutual benefits.

Explore how our collaborations create win-win scenarios, enabling us to amplify our impact while providing our partners with meaningful engagement and opportunities for social responsibility.

Our Corporate Partners

Some of the corporate partners who are helping us maximise our impact. 

Our Corporate Partners say
I'm proud to support Sailing for the Disabled, a charity that embodies our values of empowerment and inclusivity. Our sponsorship is rooted in the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the freedom and camaraderie of sailing, regardless of disability.
Stuart Harrison

Want to know more?

Find our more about how partnering with Sailing for the Disabled could help benefit your members, employees, and organisation – as well as the wider community.

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