Sharing the Joy and Liberation of Sailing
- For Over 40 Years

What We Do

Our Work

Learn about how Sailing for the Disabled deliver our mission – through a combination of volunteers, partnerships, collaboration and dedication.

Our Members

We could not exist without our members

Sailing Members

Our Sailing Members help us to provide safe, accessible and unforgettable sailing experiences for our Enabled Sailors.

Enabled Sailors

Our Enabled Sailors experience the liberation, joy, and other benefits of sailing aboard our yacht, the Pride of Man III.

Non-Sailing Members

Non-Sailing members play a crucial role in helping us to deliver our mission, by performing a range of land-based activities.

Go Sailing

Come Sailing with Us

Find out about how you could join Sailing for the Disabled aboard the Pride of Man III, and what to expect throughout the process. 

join our community

Get Involved!

We welcome a diverse mix of individuals, groups, and organisations to join our community of members and help us deliver our mission.

Help deliver our mission

Support Us

There are a variety of ways you can help Sailing for the Disabled – from becoming a member for just £10 a year, to donating your spare time or money to help us run the charity.

Everyone is Welcome

Our members are a mix of new and experienced, able-bodied and enabled, and sailing and non-sailing individuals.

Whether you want to offer something back to the community, or whether you would benefit from sailing with us, there is a place for you in our organisation!

Paul Atkinson


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