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Notice of General Meeting

Notice of a General Meeting of Sailing for the Disabled at 5.45pm Thursday 26 May 2022 at the offices of Manx Telecom, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, IM99 1HX


This meeting is in accordance with section 25 of the constitution and is convened by the Committee. Note the following requirements

 Twenty-one (21) members must be present to be a quorum.

  • No proxy voting is permitted 

There are two proposed resolutions below which arise because of delays in the registration process of the new charity. The new charity is now fully registered and these resolutions have no impact on the decision to convert the charity into a company limited by guarantee, just the timing of that conversion is moved from 1 April 2022 to 1 July 2022. Following these resolutions there will be no matters outstanding to finalise the conversion.


Resolution 1: To Amend Financial Year End It is proposed to amend Article 12 of the Charities Constitution to change the financial year end from 31st March each year to 30th June each year. As it is proposed to dissolve this charity it only has impact in 2022. This resolution is to allow the conversion to a company limited by guarantee on 1 July 2022.

Resolution 2: to Dissolve the Charity in accordance with The Constitution Article 31. It is proposed to convert the Trust, Manx Registered Charity 325 “Sailing for the Disabled” (SFTD) into a charitable company limited by guarantee, named “Sailing for the Disabled”. At a General Meeting on 17 November 2021, it was agreed that the charity would be dissolved on the 1 April 2022 and the assets transferred to the new charity. This deadline was not met as all the steps to register the new charity had not been completed by 31 March 2022. As a consequence, we are seeking to amend the dissolution date to 1 July 2022 by this resolution. The new charity Sailing for the Disabled, Charity Number 1333 was registered on 19 April 2022.


If you have any questions it would be helpful to send them to the Secretary secretary@sftd-iom.com or call Chris Wood on 483865 at least 24 hours before the meeting so we have time to research any answers beforehand and can respond in full at the meeting. 

Given the requirement for 21 members to be present please could members make every effort to attend. It should be a short meeting as the matters are administrative rather than substantive. The facilities at Manx Telecom are on the Ground Floor with easy access.

Coffee morning on Pride of Mann III in Douglas harbour

Join us Saturday 21 May on our Coffee morning from 10.30 - 13.00 on board POMIII in Douglas harbour.

Open to all members and friends of the charity. We are looking for volunteers to help with the event so if your are able to help contact Carole, mobile 480652 or carolequayle@gmail.com

Any donations of cakes will be very welcome!

Updated COVID Recomendations

Our yacht Pride of Mann III is back sailing from Douglas, and it is time to update our Covid Guidance in line with current Isle of Man Government recommendations. Whilst there are no longer any legal restrictions or requirements this is what the charity expects from all our sailing members: 

  1. If you have any Covid symptoms please stay at home and consider doing a lateral flow test (“LFT”).
  2. We currently recommend that members do a LFT one hour before meeting up on the boat for your sail . This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  3. When aboard, remember that frequent handwashing remains good practice. We are providing gallons of handwash and sanitiser for you!
  4. Face masks are still available on the boat for those who choose to wear them.
  5. Let us all continue to respect the " staying safe" choices of our fellow crew.

4 May 2022


Coffee Morning Saturday 21 May

Saturday 21 May we are having a coffee morning on board to welcome Pride of Mann III back in Douglas we will publish details shortly but keep the date for your diary! We are looking for volunteers to help with the event so if your are able to help contact Carole, mobile 480652 or carolequayle@gmail.com

Pride of Mann III Returns

After a frustrating period in which Pride of Mann III (“POM”) has been waiting for repairs, she will finally be back on the Island Sunday 1 May fully repaired. This is great because we can all get back to what we love, going out sailing and the weather should be on our side now as well. POM will be back on her usual birth in Douglas.


The sailing schedule has been updated to 30 June and there are lots of sails on there for you to come and join. There are plenty of ways to book sails: via email crewmaster@sftd-iom.com , via phone 471222, Text and WhatsApp. If you see our Crewmaster Chris Wood, he will even take bookings in person! We are trying to make it nice and easy.


There are some training sails scheduled these are open to everyone but the focus is on crew development,


Keep an eye on the sailing schedule on the website as it will be updated on an ongoing basis.


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