Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn about what to expect when you come sailing with us.

The sails vary in duration, we offer, short sails of approximately 4 hours duration, day sails which typically could be 8 hours and cruises which vary in length from 2 to 7 days. The sails are shown on the sailing programme along with the departure time. For new sailors the short sails are a good choice as we can return to harbour at anytime should the need arise. On the longer sails we can shelter in the harbour but may not be able to return to our berth which will restrict access to get off the boat. Sails are open to individuals and groups meeting our criteria.

On our sails we have to have a qualified Skipper and Mate plus we have further crew to help. All of our Skippers, Mates and Crew are “Crew-Carers”, they crew the boat but also care for the people sailing with us.

Our sails are designed so everyone gets the chance to get involved in the sailing to the extent that they want to.

We do not charge for sails instead people sailing with us need to be members or members of community groups sailing with us. There is no further charge for sails.  

If you are between 12 and 18 you can sail with us provided you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do apply slightly different criteria to school groups. There is no upper age limit to sail with us!

If you have questions about sailing with us that are not answered here, then contact the Crewmaster on crewmaster@sftd-iom.com or call 07624 471222.

Access to Douglas Marina is limited by tides and tides times change every day. In addition, the bridge across Douglas Harbour. This has to be open to let us in and out. In addition,  does not open between 08.15 and 09.45 plus 16.45-18.00 to limit disruption at busy road traffic times,

We therefore have to plan all of our sailing around the tides and the restrictions in bridge opening times.

The boat is based in Douglas Marina and is accessed from the Tongue.

The What3words location is entertainer.nearly.loses

The post code is IM1 5AQ for your SatNav.

Access is by turning off Bridge Road, Douglas opposite Key West Apartments. This takes you onto the Tongue in Douglas past Douglas Bay Yacht Club. You then need to walk though the area of boats stored on the quay to the end to access the marina. There is a gate to the marina but the boat is adjacent to the gate so someone will come up and open the gate for you.

We do sometimes base the boat out of Peel for a period so that we sail in different areas, when the boat is based in Peel this will be clearly marked on the sailing programme on the website. We will give you specific joining instructions about where to find the boat in Peel and how to access Peel Marina.

There is limited parking on the Tongue adjacent to Douglas Bay Yacht Club but please do not park in any space marked “Contract” 

There is a paid car park just as you turn from the road onto the Tongue.

The yacht is one of biggest boats in Douglas Marina. It is a 2014 Beneteau Oceanis 48 that the charity purchased new and adapted to meet our specific needs. It is 48 foot long and has lots of interior space.

Learn more about our boat

If we are sailing over lunchtime bring a packed lunch to enjoy on board. Bring snacks as well so if you are getting cold you can get an energy boost.

Warm clothing is essential and a lot of lighter layers are more effective that one heavy layer. Even on warm days it can feel a lot cooler when out sailing on the water.

Bring some spare clothing as it may feel cooler than you expect.

Hat and gloves are useful on cooler days and essential on cold days.

Try and wear soft shoes with a light-coloured sole, many trainers are ideal.

Find out more about how to enjoy your sail.

  • A safe and fantastic sailing experience!
  • Automatic life jackets
  • Safety lines (if required)
  • Tea, coffee, milk, biscuits and cakes. If you have specific dietary requirements, please bring your own supplies as we may not have anything suitable on board.
  • For cold days we have a supply of high-quality specialist sailing jackets in a variety of adult and child sizes to lend to people.

Yes, we do have toilets –  we actually have three. These are down below and are accessed via steps down into the saloon.

The marina is accessed via a ramp with no steps involved. There is some walking but we do have a wheelchair available with pre-notification to assist people getting to the boat.

There are two ways on to the boat; we have steps at the side of the boat which require a small step onto the boat, or we can lower the back to provide almost flat access via a ramp.

Once on the boat the cockpit has a level floor but there are steps down into the cabin and to access the toilets.

If you think you might have difficulty accessing the boat, please pre-notify the Crewmaster so we can make sure the crew are fully prepared.

Find out more about accessibility.

Yes, Pride of Man III is wheelchair accessible – via a ramp into the Marina and then the ramp on to the boat.

Yes you can – access is via the same ramp and we have had plenty of electric wheelchairs on board.

Please contact the Crewmaster and we will work with you to find out how to best accommodate your needs.

We only cancel sails if we really need to, we all enjoy going out sailing and helping people.

We only sail when the weather is suitable, and this is a judgment made by our experienced skippers. We will try to give you as much notice as possible. If the sail is cancelled, it will be updated on the sailing programme, and we will make positive contact with you or the group leader to advise the sail is cancelled and why.

If you are in any doubt ring the skipper of the day – their phone number will be listed on the sailing programme next to their name.

We have prepared a risk assessment to help you, which can be found in our downloads section.

We have a published child and vulnerable adult protection policy and accompanying guidelines which can be downloaded on our safety and safeguarding page.

If you have any queries or concerns then you are welcome to call the Crewmaster on 07624 471222 to discuss.

In addition, we can take Group leaders out on a sail in advance of bringing your own group – so you can plan your group and arrive with confidence.

 If you have specific care needs then please share these with the Crewmaster when booking. All members are responsible for their own medication.

Applications to become a member of Sailing for the Disabled can be made on our Join Us page.

There is no referral process. Either the organisation supporting the service user or a service user can become members and book in the usual way.  

Seas-sickness happens to us all from time to time, including even very experienced sailors. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • The evening before your sail have a light meal.
  • If you plan to use anti-seasickness medication, check the dosage the night before and only take as directed. Some brands are taken 2hrs before the sail, then at prescribed intervals after that.
  • Pop a plastic carrier or sandwich bag into your pocket so it’s handy if you start to feel queasy. A few ginger biscuits or sweets may help.
  • Bring a packed lunch that is easy to digest and will give you energy. Some members bring biscuits/chocolate/sweets to share, which is always welcome!
  • Stay in the cockpit – going below will make you feel worse.
  • Focus on the horizon or a distant object forward of the boat.
  • If you are ill, use the bag in your pocket. We also have plenty of sick bags on board.

Please don’t feel embarrassed if you feel unwell – tell the crew and they will help you!

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