Partner with Us

Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with Sailing for the Disabled is an opportunity to align your organisation’s values with our mission to deliver inclusive sailing experiences.

Explore our range of membership and partnership options, whether you’re a community group seeking collective sailing adventures, or a corporate entity looking to support and contribute to our mission.

Better Together

Group Memberships

Charities, Schools, and Organisations who are interested in sharing sailing experiences with us can join Sailing for the Disabled as a Group member.

Group memberships are great because they make it simple for you to organise sailing experiences for your members, and they help us to extend our reach and benefit as many people as possible.

Strength in numbers

Corporate Memberships

Corporates and businesses seeking sailing and team-building experiences combined with community engagement can take advantage of our selection of Corporate Membership tiers.

Support Our Mission

Corporate Partnerships

We welcome corporates and businesses who are looking to support Sailing for the Disabled, without direct involvement in sailing activities, to join us as Corporate Partners.

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