Our Purpose

The Mission of Sailing for the Disabled

Our mission acts like our compass – it’s the foundation for the guiding principles that steer our actions.

It’s a commitment to creating transformative and restorative experiences whilst promoting inclusivity and awareness.

Our Vision
Through our sailing trips we aim to create inclusive, safe, and enjoyable experiences that promote empowerment, confidence, and a sense of belonging and achievement.
Our Mission
To provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in sailing - on equal terms with their able-bodied friends in a harmonious and safe environment.

A Different Definition

We know that disabilities come in many forms, and that individuals have a unique, personal experience with the difficulties they may encounter in day-to-day life. Disabilities can be permanent or temporary, and many disabilities are invisible.

This definition of “disabled” reflects our thinking, and allows us to have the largest positive impact on the widest range of people in need.

Our Charitable Object

To provide sailing experiences for people living with a disability which impacts on their day-to-day living. We also aim to raise awareness of the benefits of sailing.

We are a Isle of Man registered charity (Registration Number 1333)


It's our members who make everything possible

Learn about our dedicated members and how they allow us to deliver our mission.

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