Our Training Philosophy

Transformative Training Programmes for Our Members

At Sailing for the Disabled, we believe that the core of a memorable and safe sailing experience lies in the competence and confidence of our volunteer crew and carers.

That’s why we’re committed to providing comprehensive training programmes that not only ensure the safety and enjoyment of our sailing adventures but also foster a nurturing environment for all.

Our training is designed to empower our crew members, both new and existing, to become skilled sailors who can confidently navigate the challenges of the sea while being sensitive and inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our Training Framework

Building Skills,
Fostering Inclusion

Our training framework is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of our members, consisting of four key components.

Disability Awareness Training

A mandatory one-day session that combines classroom theory with practical experiences aboard our yacht, Pride of Mann III. Delivered by ARC Learning Ltd in Tromode, Douglas, this training equips our members with essential skills to work effectively and empathetically alongside people with disabilities, fostering an inclusive sailing environment.

Sail Training

Aligned with the prestigious Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards, our sail training offers crew members the chance to learn and refine sailing skills under the guidance of experienced skippers and mates. This component is vital for those aspiring to achieve our "Able Crew Award" and further progress in their sailing journey.

Yacht Familiarity

Detailed sessions designed to acquaint members with the Pride of Mann III, ensuring they are comfortable and knowledgeable about our vessel.

Local Conditions

A practical exploration of local maritime conditions, including weather, tides, and harbours, enhancing our members' ability to navigate the waters around the Isle of Man safely and confidently.

Tailored Training

Empowering Our Members

Beyond these foundational components, we offer tailored training programmes aimed at developing the skills necessary for our crew members to progress to roles such as mate and skipper on the Pride of Mann III.

Our training includes regular sail training weekends, both off-island to destinations such as England, Ireland, or Wales, and coastal training in Manx waters.

These sessions cover a wide range of essential skills, including navigation, passage planning, pilotage, man overboard (MOB) procedures, preparing the boat for sea, yacht handling, anchoring, night sailing, and managing adverse weather conditions.

As a professionally endorsed RYA Yachtmaseer Instructor, our training officer is dedicated to providing a safe, educational, and enriching environment for all participants.

Our relationship with the RYA and affiliation with various RYA centres enables us to support our members in pursuing higher-level RYA qualifications, enhancing their sailing abilities and confidence on the water.

Join Us

A Journey of Learning, Inclusion, and Adventure

We invite you to join our transformative training programmes at Sailing for the Disabled. Whether you’re new to sailing or looking to advance your skills and take on leadership roles, our comprehensive and tailored training is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for a fulfilling sailing journey.

Together, we can ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable sailing experience for everyone involved.

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