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Going sailing with Sailing for the Disabled is a journey that breaks barriers and embraces the freedom of the open seas.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to joining us on board the “Pride of Man III” for an unforgettable first experience.

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Your Step-by-Step Guide

1 - Learn About Us

Begin your journey by exploring our website to learn all about Sailing for the Disabled, Our Yacht, Accessibility, and Safety and Safeguarding policies.

You can read real-life Sailing Diaries written by other sailors to learn more about what to expect on a sailing trip, or check out our What to Expect page.

2 - Book Your Sailing Trip

Once you’ve learned a bit about Sailing for the Disabled and signed up as a member, you should explore our online Sailing Programme and find a suitable date to join us on your first sailing trip.

If you're not completely sure about becoming a member you can always try out one of our Taster Sails before you sign up.

3 - Prepare for the Adventure

With your place on the sailing trip confirmed by the crewmaster, we’ll provide you with detailed information about what to expect during your sailing trip.

From what to bring to understanding the accessibility features aboard the “Pride of Man III”, we’ll ensure that your journey is comfortable and enjoyable.

4 - Aboard the "Pride of Man III"

As you come aboard our magnificent yacht, you’ll be greeted by your dedicated crew mates and carers, who are ready to assist in making your sailing experience remarkable.

Our crew members are fully trained and committed to ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout the trip.

5 - Go Sailing!

Feel the wind in your hair, hear the sound of the waves, and experience the sheer joy of sailing. No matter your level of involvement, going sailing will make memories that last a lifetime.

View our sailing programme and learn more about how you can book your place on an upcoming sailing trip.

6 - Back on Dry Land

Your sailing experience doesn’t have to end when you disembark! Share your stories, photos and memories with us and your fellow sailors by submitting a sailing journal.

Connect with us on Facebook to read other sailors journals, and stay updated on all things Sailing for the Disabled.

The right level of support

We encourage our enabled sailors to bring their carer or relative to accompany them on a sail.

Our crew are also trained to provide you with the level of support that you need to get the best out of a sail. 

Our members say
Don't be afraid of boarding the vessel, there is lots of specialised equipment on board to assist with this. Go on and try it, you'll be blown away!
Jean Kimber
Sailing for the Disabled Member
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