Coastal Skipper Training Weekend

This weekend, our training sessions for aspiring Skippers will focus on critical skills necessary for safe and enjoyable sailing.

Our syllabus will cover the following key areas:

Close Quarters Handling: Both under motor and sail, we will practice manoeuvring in tight spaces to improve control and precision.

Man Overboard (MOB) Procedures: Emphasis will be on effective MOB recovery under sail, ensuring readiness to handle emergencies.

Mooring Buoys and Anchoring Under Sail: Techniques for safely mooring and anchoring will be taught, enhancing your ability to secure the vessel in various conditions.

Berthing Practice: We will work on berthing techniques to ensure safe and efficient docking in various scenarios.

We also aim to include some night sailing hours to experience navigation and vessel handling in reduced visibility.

Join us for an intensive and rewarding weekend as we develop these essential Skippering skills.

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