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Training for existing and new members


Our volunteer crews and carers have been carefully trained and are competent and experienced; ensuring that sailing trips are conducted safely and to maximise the enjoyment of all involved.

Our crew training and development programmes have four components:

-       Disability Awareness Training – provides practical knowledge to enable members to work alongside people with disabilities
-       Sail Training – provides sailing skills in accordance with the internationally recognised Royal Yachting Association (RYA) standards
-       Yacht Familiarity - provides familiarity with our yacht, Pride of Mann III
-       Local Conditions - provides familiarity with local weather, tides and harbours etc.

Training is a crucial part of our value proposition to new and existing members and provides a pipeline to ensure we always have sufficient competent crew members.



The disability awareness training consists of a full one-day session split between class-room theory and a practical session. The theory part is delivered by a local training company, ARC Learning Ltd, who are based in Tromode, Douglas and the practical aspects are covered on board Pride of Mann III.

It is the wish of the charity that all crew undertake this training in order to fully meet the needs of our disabled sailors.

Aims of the Training:

    • To demonstrate how to work alongside people with disabilities
    • To demonstrate how to facilitate inclusivity of people with disabilities
    • To give practical knowledge and advice  to facilitate the above. 


 Attendees will be aware of and demonstrate knowledge of:

    • The needs of disabled adults & children
    • Improved communication skills
    • A better understanding of disability and its’ challenges in a sailing environment.

Topics covered may include gaining trust, communicating well, managing risks, moving safely around the boat, how to enable a client’s potential, using the galley, assisting with care, comfort and safety when at sea.

Please contact Carole Quayle (see contacts) for dates available and to book a place.


Contact: Richard Wild, E-mail: crewtraining@sftd-iom.com

New members will be invited to receive local Sail Training (Link to Curriculum) and build experience by sailing with experienced skippers/mates and by receiving guidance from our training officer. An “Able Crew Award” Certificate (link) will be awarded to new members upon reaching the minimum standard required to join the yacht crew. The training officer will also provide further advice and support if a member wishes to learn further skills and/or aspires to become a skipper or mate.

Members will also be encouraged to keep a record of their sailing experiences and skills development to track their progress towards the “Able Crew Award” Certificate – either using the Charity’s logbook (link) or RYA Logbook.

New and existing members will be able to join Practice and/or Refresher Sessions to learn or enhance specific skills.

Our skippers and mates are qualified to the RYA Yacht Master, Coastal and Day Skipper levels incl. Marine Radio (SRC) and First Aid. The RYA defines the curriculum for each of these Sail Cruising courses and qualifications. Refer to: www.rya.org.uk


The Charity’s yacht is Pride of Mann III. More details are available on the website.


Members will develop knowledge of local conditions including tides, weather and harbours etc. by participating in the Local Sail Training and joining experienced Skippers and Mates during sails in the local waters around the Isle of Man.


Updated: 22 January 2021

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