Poetry in Motion

Did you know that Sailing for the Disabled has its’ very own (unofficial!) poet in residence?

Skipper Martin Sewell has written a special piece to celebrate SFTDs 40th Anniversary year, which you can read below.


A novel plan was aired and hatched in ‘84
Something everyone would enjoy and vote for
A sailing charity emerged -a challenging plan
To provide a seaborne experience for ‘everyman’

A small boat was found and suitably fettled
A busy group determined and soon settled
On a name and logo ,and plans were tabled
For the name– Sailing for the Disabled

Many folk found the freedom at sea
Managed by team’s time that was always free
A large stronger boat was clearly soon needed
Funds for which we from donors pleaded

Our first ‘Pride of Man’ was found and acquired
Skippers crew and helpers suitably attired
In a corporate logo looking very smart
Sailing for the Disabled in each person’s heart

In the next 20 years Pride Of Man 2& 3 followed
All fully funded no money was borrowed
Our Charity grew greatly, from strength to strength
Just as the boat sizes increased in length

This tested the skills of the skippers and crew
The emphasis on training just grew and grew
Everyone gave their skills, knowledge and time
As the numbers of members continued to climb

At the heart of our charity its for whom that we do
Not for ourselves but for you, you, and you.
Everyone is now welcomed into the fold
You have our warmth and respect that we hold

Our pleasure is gained less from the sea
But more from the smiles that we often see
At the end of each voyage long or short
Sometimes this joy on camera is caught

So we’re here today some forty years hence
Proving our work still makes very good sense
Where else may you enjoy the lure of the sea
Where else on a good day would you want to be

Than enjoying a sail on Pride of Man three
Wind in your hair and your thoughts set free
You think- “ I must go down to the seas again”
All this and more for the sum of pounds ten!

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