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  • Some of the helpers at the bag pack Shoprite Port Erin

  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

  • I enjoyed my birthday out sailing

  • We like sailing, why don't you join us.

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

  • Visitors to our waters


100 Club winners February

Winners prize draw February 2022

First prize       -   Chris Wood,     £33.00
Second prize  -   Peter Crebbin,  £15.00
Third prize      -   Mark Jewell,     £8.00


The 100 Club is a prize draw that helps to raise funds for your charity. We need more members joining the 100 Club so more funds will be raised. The more members we have the bigger the prizes!
The cost is only £2 per month, that is £24 usually paid annually. Members stand a very good chance of winning and recuperating their subscription. Application forms can be downloaded here.

Manx Telecom Sponsorship

Manx Telecom have been long-term sponsors of Sailing for the Disabled (“SftD”). On an ongoing basis they sponsor call costs on mobile phones and have provided hardware in the past. For their latest sponsorship they have provided the Crewmaster with a new Samsung A40 Smartphone. We had previously operated using a very old phone that was a simple phone.

The Crewmaster role in SFTD is very important it gives our users access to sails and we have to ensure the right skippers and crew are available to operate every sail. It is an active role in often needing to contact people when sails are changed at short notice, or crews have to be changed because of availability. In summer there is almost daily activity. This smart phone gives the capability to improve the service to our users.  

  • Email access on the go.
  • Easy SMS and WhatsApp messaging. 
  • Ability to check and change the sailing schedule on our website whilst away from home. All sailing is manged though the website.
  • Quicker response to users and crew.
  • Ease the workload by a smartphone becoming a one stop shop for all the Crewmaster communications and information. We can store phone lists and similar with ease.
  • Telephone remains important to us as some of our users who do not have email and internet access, and so rely on telephone to access our services.
  • This will make handover easier when cover is required for the Crewmaster role, for holidays or other reasons.

 Our grateful thanks to Manx Telecom for their continued support of Sailing for the Disabled.

Rushen Silver Band supports SftD

A BIG thank you to the Rushen Silver Band for nominating our charity as the recipients of the retiring collection. We would like to thank your audience, and the band members, for their incredible generosity. It was a wonderful concert and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.

But..... the full story starts in 2019!

‘The Rushen Silver Band were really delighted when Pride of Mann 3 hove into Fleshwick Bay ( we were en route to Northern Ireland) and dropped anchor, to listen to the "70 year Commemoration  concert being played on Fleshwick beach. At the end of the concert, Ade spoke to them using the Loudhailer ( fun!!) to say "this is Sailing for the Disabled, "Pride of Mann 3 " and  tell them how much we crew had enjoyed the concert, as we all clapped and cheered. Then we  upped anchor and sailed away into the blue horizon.......’

Ade wasn't even sure if they had managed to hear their call, but they did! Which resulted in the lovely photograph at the top of their Facebook page and very likely also to this nomination!

Pride of Man III update - Sailing Suspended

Whilst Pride of Man III was Whitehaven in December and January, we had a formal survey of the rigging undertaken by a marine surveyor, we have now received his report. Certain significant deficiencies were noted in the report meaning that all of the standing rigging (stainless steel wires on the mast) need to be replaced. Until this work is completed it is the view of the Yacht Manager, Bobby Moore, that the rigging constitutes a significant safety risk as any failure whist sailing would result in the loss of the mast, a very dangerous situation. As a result, the committee has made the difficult decision to suspend all sailing until the rigging is replaced. We are in urgent discussions with Whitehaven and date of late February or early March to get the work completed looks likely at the moment as this firms up we will keep you informed via the usual channels. The work will only take a few days but is weather dependent. This is very disappointing but as a safety matter there is no choice.

 Static Training is able to continue whilst the Pride of Man III is on the Island.  Keep an eye on the website, Facebook and sailing programme for updates.

Passing of Mr Adrian Earnshaw

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death on Saturday 15th January 2022, of our former Comittee member Mr Adrian Earnshaw.

The Commitee extend their deepest condolences to Mr Earnshaw’s family and friends.

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