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  • We loved our cruise to Scotland

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

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Congratulations 100 Club winners August

  • 1st  prize Anthony Charnley       £33
  • 2nd prize Don Wilson     £15
  • 3rd  prize Richard Wild      £10

Joining the 100 Club means supporting the charity and at the same time a win chance for yourself! The more members we have, the greater the prize money and also more funds raised for SFTD. 
Application forms can be downloaded here.

Congratulations to the 100 Club winners of July

First prize:        Chris Wood     £33
Second prize:   Don Wilson     £15
Third prize:       Mike. quirk.     £10


That could happen to you too when you join our 100 Club. We are still hoping for more new members to help boost SFTD funds AND to increase the prize money. Please join or give a friend a membership of the 100 club as a birthday present. You don’t have to be a member of SFTD to join the 100 Club ! 


Disability Awareness Training Saturday 21 August 2021

The disability awareness training takes place over a full weekend day (10.00-16.00hrs) and is delivered by a local training company, ARC Learning Ltd, who are based in Tromode, Douglas. The first part of the day is classroom-based, and the afternoon gives the opportunity for practical exercises on the boat. Some aspects are covered in new crew training and can be taught by our skippers on board POM III during static sessions and scheduled sails.

It is the wish of the charity that all crew undertake this training in order to fully meet the needs of our disabled sailors.

Aims of the training;

  • To demonstrate how to facilitate inclusivity of people with disabilities
  • To give practical knowledge and advice to facilitate the above
  • To demonstrate how to work alongside people of all abilities


 Attenders will be aware of and demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The needs of disabled adults & children
  • Improved communication skills
  • A better understanding of disability and its’ challenges in a sailing environment.

Places are limited to 8 people per session and applicants should email Carole Quayle via carolequayle@gmail.com ASAP

Notice to members

We are all aware of the current issues relating to the spread of Covid on the Island, and the fact that the current situation will sit differently with all our members. 

Throughout the past 18 months, your Committee has reviewed the available information and guidance and sought to take the decisions necessary to protect the charity and it’s members.  We have therefore concluded that Pride of Mann III should continue to sail and provide services to our members.  During this period, members are reminded that during the course of the sail (both before, during and afterwards) there is a strong possibility of close contact and it is the members responsibility for their personal choices with regards to distancing and the wearing of masks.

If a member decides that wearing of a mask is preferred, then please do ensure that you bring your own mask, as whilst there is a small stock on the vessel, it is not guaranteed that a mask will be available on demand.

We would also remind all members and volunteers, that regular hand washing and sanitising is expected as this is a key mitigation in the potential spread of any disease.

Anyone who is unwell or has Covid19 symptoms is not allowed to sail. We would also like to remind you that if you have not had the vaccinations (i.e. You are NOT ’2 + 2’, you will be running a higher risk of contracting Covid.

We will continue to review the situation in line with Government guidance and adapt accordingly.

In memory of Mrs Audrey Kelso

A heartfelt thank you to the family for bringing our charity forward for donations in memory of Mrs Audrey Kelso, wife of the late Ray Kelso, one of the founders of Sailing for the Disabled.

After 37 years the charity is still going strong and we are very much aware that without Mr and Mrs Kelso the charity might not have existed.  The wonderful story of how it all started is still at the first paragraph of our member’s handbook so it will not be forgotten.

We would like to thank all that made a donation to support our charity.

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