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  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

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  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

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The 100 Club winners of January

The lucky winners of the 100 Club prize draw of January 2021 are:

First prize      - Number 28   Chris Wood         £28.50
Second prize - Number 59   Micky Cain          £12.50
Third prize     - Number 44  David Cowell       £8.00


The 100 Club is a prize draw that helps to raise funds for your charity. We need more members joining the 100 Club so more funds will be raised. The more members we have the bigger the prizes!
The cost is only £2 per month, that is £24 usually paid annually. Members stand a very good chance of winning and recuperating their subscription. Application forms can be downloaded here

Back on the water

Restarting our sailing schedule- January 2021

The IOM government has released details of the Circuit Break exit framework.

If the island achieves 21 days since community transmission of Covid19 since the last known case (12th January), the current planning assumes that the Release stage may be around 1st February 2021. This lifts all previous restrictions (except borders) on business and activities, and there is no advisory guidance for social distancing and face coverings as the risk to the community is very low. Some individuals may wish to continue with distancing and face covering and this is addressed in stage 4 of SFTD risk assessment.

The need for good hygiene practices and being vigilant for C19 symptoms remains.

www.Covid19.gov.im/general-information/exiting-circuit-break/        (Circuit break exit framework)


The next scheduled sail is on 10th February and hopefully we can return to “normal” sailing!

Carole Quayle

23rd January 2021.

Passing of Mr Frank Bray

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the sudden death of Mr Frank Bray. Frank was a long standing and very enthusiastic member of Sailing for the Disabled. Having membership number 22 shows he has been with the charity from very early days. Frank was a very kind and gentle man, known by many as the man with the silly jokes, He will be missed.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

Due to Covid restrictions, a private funeral service will be held.

Sailing update

We’ve now rescheduled sails in the expectation of Lockdown ceasing by the end of January and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Pride of Mann III.

You’ll see there are five sails in February to enjoy. Let me know which one is good for you? 

For new recruits who’ve recently had a ‘taster’ sail we’re hoping each of you will join one of the February short sails to gain experience on it! Which one is convenient for you? Just let me know and I’ll book you on it.

If Lockdown is continued we’ll roll forward the schedule into March.

Something to look forward to from SFTD!


Covid-19 lockdown

Hi Everyone

 As you will have heard, the Government have announced that we are to start a full lock down for a 21 day period starting at 00:01 on Thursday morning.  This grace period is primarily to allow people to organise work, social and family matters prior to what is hoped will be an effective ‘fire break’ to address the recent Covid 19 outbreak on the Island.

 The Committee has considered the position and agreed that all planned SFTD activities (sails, meetings) should be suspended until after the period of the lock down, dependent of course, on ongoing advice and announcements from the Government.  Where activities can be carried out using technology e.g. Zoom meetings, then we can explore whether these offer a practical option to keep the work of the charity moving forward.

 Whilst this terrible disease continues to cause so much disruption, heartache, hardship and sadness, we can agree that this decisive action by the Government will at least give us a chance to return to a form of normality, sooner, rather than later.

 Take care, and keep safe. 


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