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Nearly there folks!

Following last nights’ committee meeting, we are now closer to starting sailing again.

A sub-committee of Anthony, Richard and Carole have been meeting to plan the safest way to get our sailing programme up and running again. We have developed a comprehensive and thorough risk assessment and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which can be read using the links below. Every member needs to be familiar with the SOP so they know what is expected of them when taking part in a sail in order maintain the strict and enhanced hygiene rules, caring for themselves and their fellow sailors.

Link to risk assessment post Covid19

Link to SOP

For the next 3-4 weeks we will be at Stage 3 of the risk assessment, Richard (training officer) is planning re-familiarisation short sails (up to 4hrs) with a maximum of 4 persons on board, 3 crew and 1 enabled sailor. This will refresh our skills and allow for members who wish to continue to socially distance up to 1 metre to do so.

This stage will be reviewed at the next committee meeting on 15th July, 2020, when we should be able to progress to Stage 4 of the risk assessment if the local Covid-19 situation remains stable. Stage 4 allows for up to 6 persons on board.

Keep an eye on this site and our Facebook page to follow our progress- we are all looking forward to sailing with you on our beautiful boat again!

Restart of sailing programme on the cards

The Charity Committee will meet on Wednesday 17th June, to discuss plans to restart our sailing programme as soon as possible.
As most of you will be aware, our Government will eliminate social distancing on the Isle of Man with effect from Monday 15th June. This follows from 22 days with no Covid-19 cases on the Island.
Our plans to restart sailing are likely to initially include a period of “refresh” for the crews who have not sailed for a while and we will also maintain some sensible hygiene related measures to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. The re-start date still need to be decided.
Watch this space.....we will share the plans after the meeting on Wednesday.

limited leisure activities pleasure craft

We all have been waiting for the news that we can go sailing again. The good news is that leisure crafts are allowed to go out sailing again. The bad (or rather sad) news is that only people from the same household can sail together. In reality this means we all have to have a bit more patience before we can take you out on Pride of Mann III.
The latest update from our government can be found here


It is with much regret that Sailing for the Disabled has taken the decision to cancel our sailing programme and all planned social activities with immediate effect. We have a duty of care to all our members and in the current situation, following government and professional guidelines, we feel this is the most responsible action. Current restrictions would make it impossible for us to meet up or go sailing safely.

This is a testing and worrying time for all of us and doubtless there will be more changes which SFTD will adapt to accordingly, always with the best interests of our sailors at heart.

We will post updates here on this site when they arise and will endeavour to find ways of keeping in touch with as many of you as possible- ideas on a postcard please!

Our contact details remain unchanged if you wish to get in touch.

March 20th, 2020

Passing of Mr Roy Limmer

Roy Limmer, who together with his wife Val, was one of our most ardent supporters and crew/carers during the 1990’s up till 2015, sadly passed away. There are many members who will remember sailing with him.  He was a very kind and gentle man.

Roy was with us when the BBC filmed an episode of Coast here and used our boat for the opening sequence. Our members crewed her but they were not able to get the helicopter to do the aerial shots on the same day as the on board filming was done.  When they did arrange for the aerial shots to be taken, Neil Oliver the presenter wasn’t available to come over, so they sent a wig and Roy, bless him, dressed up complete with wig as he was of a similar build and from the air looked just like him.

We all have very fond memories of him. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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