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Committee members wanted !


The Committee is an enthusiastic group of people that meet once a month to help keep the Charity running. Although some members of the current Committee are prepared to go forward we do need new committed volunteers with fresh ideas to contribute to the growth and future succes of the Charity.  No previous experience is necessary, just lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to help us do the very best we can for our members.

Please find here the nomination form to be completed by any member 18 years or over, who is interested in becoming part of the Committee or willing to fullfil any of the other roles such as Crewmaster, Fundraiser or Membership secretary.  This form should be completed and returned to the Secretary on or before Monday 8 September 2020. For more information get in touch via secretary@sftd-iom.com or talk to any of the current committee members.

The AGM is being held Tuesday 29 September - 19.30 at St John Ambulance, Douglas 

Membership information

The Committee have been investigating the implementation of an online membership database for some time and have recently concluded an exercise to transfer all the current members data from the previous off-line system, on to a facility run by ‘MemberMojo’.  MemberMojo have created a product specifically to meet the needs of clubs and charities, and provide features that steamline the administration of the database as well as providing some additional useful features which the Committee will review and potentially implement in the near future.

Current members may have received emails in recent weeks which indicated that this year’s membership had been received by the charity.  This was part of the process to take the new system live.

The next step will be to send an email to everyone to invite them to access their membership data to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.  We understand that this is a big step for the organisation and we are committed to the success of this project, AND to the support of our members.  Therefore if anyone has any concerns or problems with the approach we are taking, please do contact either Monica (membership@sftd-iom.com) or myself at chairman@sftd-iom.com

We are anticipating some minor hurdles prior to making the new system fully functioning, so please do bear with us during this implementation phase.

Paul Atkinson - Chairman SftD

RYA Shore based courses

At the IOM College the RYA shore based courses start again in September.

Coastal skipper Mondays 22 weeks.

Day skipper Wednesdays 22 weeks.

All enquiries to UMC IOM College.

Final update of the SOP

Recently we have had some lovely sails with a limited number of people on board. As the Isle of Man continues to remain Covid-19 free, we have decided that the number of persons on any sail is no longer limited to 6. The number of people on board will be at the discretion of each skipper. However, there may be members who remain uncomfortable sailing without social distancing. For these people, we will still offer the opportunity to sail with a maximum of 4 persons and social distancing of 1 metre. Individual members must carefully consider what their own needs are re the above and, importantly, make them known to the Crewmaster and/or to the Skipper when requesting to join a sail.

We hope to see you all on board soon!

Download the latest SOP here.

Download the Risk assessment post Covid-19 here.

We are sailing!

The last info on our website states it is recommended that we stay in Stage 3 until the next committee meeting 15th July, meaning a maximum of 4 people on board. Meanwhile the SOP mentions stage 3 will remain until the end of June. With no requirement for social distancing we feel that we can proceed to stage 4.

We recognise that we need to be sensitive to those who may still be uneasy to sail without social distancing.

 Instead of waiting until the next committee meeting we decided to amend the SOP and remove social distancing with immediate effect and re-introduce on specific sails if a particular member(s) has concerns or a vulnerable person wants to sail. See amended SOP attached.

A number of sails have now been put on the programme with more than 4 people but if you prefer a sail with a maximum of 4, please let the crewmaster or skipper of the particular day know.

The Risk assessment post Covid 19 can be downloaded here.

The amended SOP can be downloaded here.
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