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Bag pack results Shoprite Ramsey

The Bag pack last Sunday at Shoprite in Ramsey was a roaring succes indeed on two fronts. With 13 volunteers! and both shoppers and packers all in good holiday spirits, goodwill was all around.

We are delighted to tell you that we collected a grand total of £663.10, £78.00 of which came from the sale of 14 bags (two sparkling sales whizz-kids discovered in May-Shui and Anthony!) We could have sold more, if we hadn't run out of bags at 1.00pm!

Sporting smart shirts with the SFTD logo and their names embroidered on, were Samantha and Rocky, who each sat astride a blue bucket, looking for all the world as if they were at the helm. They attracted a lot of attention. Thank you Sarah for dressing your bears so smartly. They are a credit to the charity. As indeed you ALL are!! 
Thank you Margaret for getting Peter, myself, the lucre and all our equipment home safely on that long, wet and wild night!
And a big thank you to Shoprite for having us.

Passing of Mr John Ivor Mellor

It is with great sorrow that we have to inform you that Mr Ivor Mellor, one of the co-founders of Sailing for the Disabled, has passed away. 

Mr Mellor, the then Head of Physiotherapy Service for the Isle of Man, knew there were disabled people who would like to sail. Dave Bridson remembers:

It was back in the early eighties that I met Ivor in the Aquadome, both happily swimming about. It was then he asked me was I interested in sailing. I said that I was. He then went on to tell me that he was involved with the Creg Ny Baa social club, who had raised enough money to purchase a secondhand sailing cruiser and would I be interested in joining the group. The rest as they say is history.

I found Ivor to be a very kind man, who could quietly encourage people to do things outside their comfort zone. He knew so many people and was always raising money for good causes. He was simply a good man.”

The funeral service will take place on Tuesday 17 December,13.15 at Douglas Borough Crematorium.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Boat cleaning morning

Saturday morning from 9.30 onwards we will have a cleaning session to make sure the inside of the boat looks as good as the outside does. All members are invited to come and give a hand. 

We look forward to seeing you at the boat!

A generous donation from Peel Charity Shop

We had a truly inspiring Morning at the Peel Charity shop event. 14 Charities each gave a short presentation and were rewarded with cheques. 
SAILING FOR THE DISABLED received a cheque for £2,500 - absolutely amazing!
We explained this fantastic contribution would go towards a new propeller and a rope cutter. Also how inspired and grateful we are to be chosen to receive such an award. We thanked the Peel Charity for their wonderful hard work and support. 
We showed a photo of POMIII and talked about the adaptions made to accommodate wheelchairs as well as listing "who can sail with us" eg those recovering from a stroke, heart attack, depression + autistic, visually impaired etc etc.
The short talk was very well received and even caused a ripple of laughter when I explained the toilets are called "heads". 
We chatted to many of the 100 or so people present afterwards, also gave out leaflets and believe there will be several new disabled people joining.

Thank you Margaret, Adrienne, Peter and Lesley for being such excellent ambassadors for our Charity!

Disability Awareness Training

There are still a couple of places available on the disability awareness training on Sunday 8th December.
Any volunteer crew who haven't attended yet please contact Carole Q on 480652/ carolequayle@gmail.com to reserve a place.
You know who you are...... :-)"

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