• Chicken Rock Lighthouse

  • The Burro Dragon

  • Some of the helpers at the bag pack Shoprite Port Erin

  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

  • I enjoyed my birthday out sailing

  • We like sailing, why don't you join us.

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

  • Visitors to the Island

  • Ballacottier Rainbow Group

  • Visitors to our waters

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Final update of the SOP

A safe return to sailing

We are sailing!

Update on SOP

Booking a sail

How to book a sail.

Want to go sailing?

Each month the sailing programme will be prepared, which is based upon the suitability of the tides that allow access from Douglas marina.

The sails vary in duration and we offer short sails of approximately 4 hours duration, day sails which typically could be 8 hours and cruises which vary in length from 2 to 7 days. The sails are shown on the sailing programme along with the departure time.  

Some of the short sail slots are allocated to our Community Group members and these will be published on the programme. If you are a group that represents a body of people who meet our ethos then please feel free to contact us to discuss sailing with us.  

We try to operate a self -service system whereby the programme is created for you to view and for you to select the sails which are suitable for you. A bit like going into a café and picking from the menu but we will try and put on specials if you request it. If you don’t see something that’s suits you please tell us.

So how do you go about booking a sail?  Well that’s easy. Have a look at the sailing programme that’s published and call the skipper of your chosen sail. On occasions this may not be possible due to a variety of reasons and in these cases an alternative sail maybe suggested. In absence of a Crewmaster the email account crewmaster@manx.net will still be monitored. 

The sailing programme whilst prepared in advance cannot guarantee that the weather is going to be suitable so please bear with us if the sail has to be cancelled.

Happy sailing and we look forward to having your company on-board POMIII.


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