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100 Club winners April 2019

The lucky winners of the 100 Club prize draw of April 2019 are:

First prize       - Number 31   Mike Quirk         £30
Second prize - Number  27  David Jones       £12.50
Third prize     -  Number 63  Sue Williams      £7.50

The 100 Club is a prize draw that helps to raise funds for your charity. We like to see more members joining the 100 Club so more funds will be raised. The more members we have the bigger the prizes, so please consider joining. The cost is only £2 per month, that is £24 usually paid annually. Members stand a very good chance of winning and recuperating their subscription. Application forms can be downloaded here.


WhattsApp Group

All of you tech-savvy members reading this will be familiar with WhatsApp, the free messaging app which is very widely used.

Currently our Skippers & Mates have a WhatsApp group which is used successfully to communicate between them. One of the group, Bobby Moore skipper & Boat Manager, has suggested that SFTD starts a new group for all members who would like to join in order to improve communication about boat/sailing -related messages, news of social events etc.

If you are interested and would like to be part of the group, email YES to carolequayle@gmail.com

If there is enough support for the idea we could get a group up and running fairly soon.


New Disability Awareness Training

What we got up to!

The first course of the new 2-day Disability Awareness Training (DAT) took place on 7th & 13th April at ARC Learning in Union Mills.

Celton Manx, based in the IOM business park, is kindly sponsoring the training through their Recognition Awards 2019. This is their social responsibility programme that benefits local good causes, 22 in total this year.

The “guinea pigs” who took part in the sessions were Arne Dahn, Martin Sewell, Neil Johnson, Anthony Charnley, James Penn, Bob Bartlett and Carole Quayle.

The aim of the first day was to raise awareness of good practices in relation to supporting individuals with a disability when sailing with SFTD. We looked at equality, types and levels of disability, and communication using discussions, group & pairs work and practical demonstration. The attenders contributed a great deal with examples of their own experiences and we all learnt from hearing and sharing these.

Day 2 s’ overarching theme was Risk Assessment- not as onerous or terrifying as it first sounds! It included: using safe postures while helping our sailors to move around the boat, safe and hygienic use of the galley/food preparation, helping sailors in the correct use of the heads, and addressing health/hygiene needs.

As it was the first new DAT course, all attenders were asked for feedback, comments & suggestions on the content. This will help to “fine-tune” future courses so that they are exactly what SFTD needs to enable our crew to provide our sailors with safe, knowledgeable and enjoyable experiences when aboard.

The course also provoked debate about some of our existing operational practices and this will go to our Skippers & Mates group for further discussion.

Here are some of the comments received from the feedback-

“Very useful session- looking forward to next week”

“I found the dialogue relating to body language and how to discuss a disability sensitively insightful and worth taking forward”

“I thought the session was informative …….the content was excellent, and I certainly learnt from the day”

“The practical aspects were enlightening, recovery into a wheelchair especially relevant”

The next course is on 5th & 19th May and is fully booked. Please contact me if you would like to attend one later this year.

Carole Quayle, April 2019.


A sad loss of a remarkable man

Tributes have been paid to a "true Manx gentleman" who passed away on the 6th April at the age of 87 after a lifetime of "selfless commitment" to the Isle of Man.

Jack Corrin served as the most senior judge on the island between 1988 and 1998 and supported a wide range of Manx charities.

The Manx Blind Welfare Society (MBWS) said Mr Corrin had made "an outstanding contribution" to island life. Along with his late wife Pat, he championed the charity for 50 years.

We wholeheartedly agree with this with Mr Corrin being a former patron for our charity for many years.

We would like to pass on our deepest synpathies to his daughter, relatives and friends on his sad loss.

A generous donation

In early March, the sun shone for half an hour between storms and gales for this photo opportunity, showing intrepid members Mark, Gerry, Margaret, Peter, myself and Sarah (plus salty dog) outside the Bay pub receiving a generous donation from Martin and Debbie Brunnschweiler of Bushy's Brewery.
Martin and Debbie ran a mulled wine stall at Port Erin Traders' bustling Christmas fair last December, kindly giving all the money raised to Sailing for the Disabled. What a jolly way to raise funds! The mulled wine was delicious and a fantastic total of £350.00 tinkled merrily into our collecting bucket! A big thank you from us all, Martin and Debbie!
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