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100 Club draw results October

OCTOBER winners of the 100 CLUB draw

First prize         number 69  Norman Ogilvy       £30

Second prize    number 58  Mrs S Jones           £12.50

Third prize        number  67 Irene Gardner         £7.50

Would you like to support your charity and become part of the 100 Club then simply download the application form here. Membership is only £24 per year. More than 50% of your donation will go towards the charity.


We are pleased to announce that the next date for Disability Awareness Training for our crew members will be  Sunday 8th December 2019

We need this programme in order to ensure that our disabled members are continually provided with the highest standards of care and safety so they can have the best experiences of sailing on Pride of Man III.

The day commences at 1000hrs at ARC learning in Tromode then moves onto the boat, POM III, for the afternoon session. It will finish around 1600hrs. There are 8 places available so please contact Carole asap if you would like to attend.

Carole Quayle
DAT coordinator.
480652 + SFTD WhatsApp group


A Winter training programme will start in November.
Anyone interested please contact crewtraining@manx.net
Training will be week days, week nights and weekends. Please state your preference along with your contact details.

New Committee elected

At the AGM held on Thursday 3 October, which was attended by 24 members, the election of officers resulted in the following persons being elected to serve for 12 months.

    • Chairman           Paul Atkinson
    • Vice chairman    Carole Quayle
    • Secretary           Gerry Morley
    • Treasurer           Charlotte Lewis
    • Committee members
      • Margaret Brierley
      • Adrienne Sanderson
      • Neil Johnson
      • Peter Crebbin
      • Anthony Charnley

The new committee will have their first meeting Wednesday 23 October and further information on relevant matters will be released to the members via the website following this meeting.

Congratulations winners of the 100 Club

First prize:        Mike Quirk          -  Number 31    £30
Second prize:   liz Clague           -  Number 60    £12.50
Third prize:       Stephen Turner  -  Number 40    £7.50

We are still hoping for more new members to help boost SFTD funds AND to increase the prize money. Please consider joining or giving a friend a years membership of the 100 club as a birthday present. Members of the 100 Club do not need to be members of Sailing for the Disabled.

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