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A successful Bag Pack in Peel

We had a busy successful bag packing day in The Peel Shoprite Store  on Saturday raising  £587.28 ! A very pleasing amount to add to funds.
Margaret would like to thank everyone who helped but in particular Peter Crebbin and Sarah Spencer. These loyal members worked hard ALL day  not only packing and carrying shopping but also chatting enthusiastically to customers about the joys of sailing. Other volunteers were Ade, Anne, Linda, Ian, Gill, Neil, Sue, Tony and one of our new members Glenda. Thank you all for giving time to SFTD to help with the very important fundraising.
The Peel shoppers plus Shoprite staff were friendly as well as generous with their donations. They also showed much interest in our photos etc and many lingered to chat about Pride of Mann III and her fantastic facilities. In all a rewarding day!
Thank you to Gillian - Shoprite's Marketing Manager - for arranging our bag pack.

Bag Pack Saturday May 6

Volunteers are needed to help with this bag pack in Shoprite, Derby Road, Peel a week on Saturday.
As well as raising funds to keep our fantastic yacht  Pride of Mann III sailing, bag packs also help to raise awareness of the charity. 
Please contact Margaret on 832212 if you could possibly spare an hour or two to help with bag packing OR talking to customers and giving out information about SFTD.
Many Thanks to Shoprite for agreeing that we use this store as we haven't visited Peel Shoprite for a few years. 

We will be up in Peel later in the year with the boat for The Traditional Boat weekend.

Ideas needed for games and entertainment

We have applied to have a stall at Tynwald Fair on Wednesday 5 July.
This will provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of Sailing For The Disabled and should be fun for helpers and visitors to our stand.
This year priority  for allocation of stalls depends on  those who provide games and entertainment and also sell a variety of products. Our stall will have a range of SFTD clothing, badges, bags etc for sale, a variety of games on a nautical theme to play and if we have an electrical supply then films and video clips to watch.
If anyone can think of a suitable game or produce a video clip The committee  would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Margaret on 832212  with any ideas.
Peter C has already booked a holiday so that he can help but we do want lots of other volunteers so please contact Margaret if you have an hour or two to spare.
We have a great charity please do support it.

London Marathon

It is only 6 days until Mike Crompton is running the London Marathon raising funds for Sailing for the Disabled in memory of his much loved colleague Mr Andy Pailor. Andy was a great supporter of the Charity and he and his son Ben loved to sail with us.  
Please help supporting Mike and the Charity. You can make your donation via PayPal or drop it in one of our collecting boxes that Mike placed in The Cod and Castle chippy and Peel Fisheries Chippy.


Passing of Mr Robert Clifford Teare

It is with sadness that we have to inform you that Mr Robert Clifford Teare has passed away last Monday at his home. Under the name of W E Teare Butchers he has been an enthousiastic supporter and very loyal sponsor of Sailing for the Disabled. He will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts are with his wife Carol, daughters Helen and Diana, sons Robert and James.

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