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  • Some of the helpers at the bag pack Shoprite Port Erin

  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

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  • We loved our cruise to Scotland

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

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Speedseal Life

Speedseal life donated us very kindly their award winning KPM High Slip Bearing, which extends impeller life two to three times. The impeller is an important part of the engine cooling pump. The new Speadseal Life will make our boat a little bit safer.

100 Club draw results !

At last we are able to give you the results of the 100 Club draw of the first four months of the year. Thank you for all sticking with us and being so patient. Your support is very much appreciated.


Draw - January 2017                          Draw - February 2017

  • 1st    44 David Cowell                    1st     69 Norman Ogilvy
  • 2nd  36 John Corrin                        2nd    9  Betty Cooke
  • 3rd     7 Ian Clark                             3rd    67 Irene Gardner

Draw - March 2017                              Draw - April 2017

  • 1st    47 Ray McMullen                   1st     15 Jean Dodd
  • 2nd  52 Jonathon Gollow               2nd   73 Robert Killip
  • 3rd   48 Keith Allinson                     3rd    69 Norman Ogilvy

Prizes are set at ;1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10 and 3rd Prize £5. At the moment with have 50+ members. Would you like to support your charity and become part of the 100 Club then simply download the application form here. With increasing membership numbers also the prizes will increase. Membership is only £24 per year. More than 50% of your donation will go towards the charity.

How time flies!

How time flies ! The membership fee was due on the 1st April.  Please help our Membership Secretary by paying now. 

The membership fee is still set at a minimum of £10.  That is remarkably good value and not only does this cover your sailing but also your teas and coffees whilst you are out sailing. 

 If you pay by cash it would be most helpful if you were to start paying by Standing order, this saves you the effort paying each year and also helps the Membership Secretary.    That must be a win- win. The SO form is available here

The address to send your money and completed Standing order form to is: Monica Clark, 42 Wybourn Drive, Onchan, IM3 4AN 


Thank you !

We received a very kind donation of £50 from funds raised by staff at the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

A big thank you from all our members.

Fantastic Thank You Messages from Ramsey Grammar School

 I just wanted to say thank you to the crew for a brilliant Sailing Day on Wednesday 26th April. The students had a brilliant time :) Below they have all written a small comment as a thank you to you all.

Dear sailing for the disabled crew
Thank you for a very lovely day sailing on the pride of man 3 and the best bit I enjoy the most was using the engines out in the bay and motoring round the marker boys.

Dear Sailing for the disabled crew, thank you for today. I mostly liked going from cone to cone the best and thanks for lovely day.
Your Sincerely Josh

I had a great time on the boat. It was the most fun time I ever had. I hope we can go again sometime. Cause it was awesome. Thank you so much for this fun day. Sincerely Connor

Dear sailing for the disabled thank you for letting me sail today I liked steering the boat.
Your sincerely Matthew

Dear  sailing  for the Disabled crew
Thank  you  for letting  me sail today I enjoyed Steering the boat . From Cian convery

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