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Sailing performance for 2016-2017

And again another year with Pride of Mann III has passed! I think it is safe to say we all have become accustomed to her now. She is still a big girl but with the new Training team working hard to get all new crew up to speed we are able to guarantee the safety of all on board. A very important but also time consuming part of the 'business'

We had however a slow start to our sailing season but this is what you would expect over the winter months. The summer has despite some very windy days, much improved sailing numbers on last year. With overall fewer cancellations we completed 175 sails enabling 65 members (once or more) with disabilities to sail with us. In addition we offered 150 members of community groups the opportunity to enjoy sailing with us.

With the support of our volunteers, made up of 12 Skippers and Mates, 6 Female and 13 Male crew/carers, we strive for another year of sailing fun with as many of our members as we can. So have a look at the Sailing programme and book yourself a sail whilst the weather is still kind to us!



Next committee meeting - corrected dates !

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will take place on Thursday 31 August and if you have any matters you wish to raise or have suggestions you would like the committee to consider  please email them to secretary@manx.net by Monday 28th August.

This is the final scheduled monthly meeting of the present committee as the AGM will be held on Tuesday 26th September.

Tynwald Fair 2017

We had a fun day in lovely weather at Tynwald Fair. Many people visited our stall, to chat, to play games and to buy raffle tickets and clothing. The SFTD hats and beanies were quite popular as was our mega sale of out of date but still 'in good nick' stock.
The stars of the day were Peter and Sarah who did a magnificent job selling raffle tickets and encouraging children with the lucky dip. The raffle for the large teddy raised in excess of £100. Many thanks to Peter and Keith for donating the Teddy and to Adie for dressing it. The lucky winners were Den and Nicky from The Manx Workshop. Paddington Bear given to Peter as a donation was won by Hugh from Ballaugh. This was the prize for the game " where is POM111 ?" devised by Stuart. The boat was found off the North of the Isle of Man.
Thanks also go to Neil and Gill who helped Tony and myself and to everyone who had fun at our stall. Don provided the gazebo which was excellent for shade and an area to sit with a cup of coffee or tea as well as displaying our goods.
Thank you to the Indian gentleman who purchased a red sweatshirt and a hat and wore them around Tynwald field  helping to raise our profile.
Can't wait for next year to do it all over again.

You can view some more photos in our photo gallery

Open day Sunday 23 July

Sailing for the Disabled is having an OPEN DAY on SUNDAY 23 JULY from 12.00 to 17.00

Located in Douglas harbour, you will be able to take a look inside our beautiful vessel Pride of Mann III and have a chat with members of the charity. There will be representatives from the committee, skippers, crew and members who sail with us. 

Sailing for the Disabled is looking for anyone who would like to sail with us, abled and enabled crew, right from experienced skippers to novice sailors,  to people who just want to lend a hand in running the charity. Pride of Mann III is fitted out to enable people with a wide range of disabilities to sail.

Sailing for the Disabled is a wholly local charity run by enthusiastic volunteers. SO COME ALONG AND MEET OUR FRIENDLY MEMBERS AND CREW!

Tynwald Fair

Sailing for the Disabled are having a stall at Twnwald Fair on Wednesday July 5.
We will be selling a variety of caps, beanies, clothing, bags and badges. Also there will be a mega bargain sale of out of date clothing.
Do come along and support us and maybe play a game. You could win a small or large teddybear or other prizes.
If you could spare an hour to help out we would be very grateful.
SEE YOU THERE supporting the charity.

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