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Sailing performance for 2015-2016

August saw the end of the annual measurement period and the second year of Pride of Mann III being in service. The statistics which are used to assess the sailing performance of the Charity provide an insight into how things have gone during the year. The year included no sails taking place in November and December due to the very bad weather we experienced, this led to flooding in December in many parts of the Island.

The number of berths filled by members with a disability was 149 and community groups occupied 229 berths, this resulted in a 55.10% of the berths on sails being taken by these two sectors.

The total berths that were filled during the year were 749 with an average of 6.81 people being on each sail.

Six off Island cruises took place along with 45 short sails a slight improvement on last year’s 39 short sails, 6 day sails and 30 community sails.

As in past years the weather resulted in cancelled sails; 42 this year and no sails being scheduled in November and December due to very bad weather.   

Given the loss of November and December for sailing the figures are reasonable but it’s once again disappointing that more members haven’t taken the opportunity to sail. But included in those who did sail were a number of new members and users.

Come on you passive sailors get out on her and enjoy the experience. 


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