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RYA Volunteer Awards Nominations

In November last year we received an invitation from RYA Sailability to nominate someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the sport through volunteering for our Charity. Our Charity is blessed with many longstanding volunteers and many of them deserve an award but after long deliberation we decided to nominate Arne Dahn and Stuart Brierley. Both longstanding and very active members of Sailing for the Disabled each in their own area. We are very proud to announce both our nominees have been shortlisted for the 2017 RYA Sailability Volunteer Award. They have been invited to the Annual Awards Dinner held at Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre Bedfordshire in February where the winners will be announced.

Arne has been nominated in the category of Exceptional Contribution - someone who has shown exceptional commitment and dedication over a period of 10 years or more. Stuart has been nominated in the category of Significant Contribution - someone who has demonstrated a regular commitment and/or inspirational contribution to the sport

All fingers crossed ! It would be a wonderful recognition for them but above all for the Charity.

Some years ago  a nomination was submitted on bahalf of  Marion Bolam in recognition of the work she carried out as Fundraiser.

In December this year nominations will be sort for the 2017 awards so if you know of someone who you think should be nominated please let the committee know . 

New contact for booking training

It is with much regret we have to inform you that Rodger Clague has stepped down as our Training officer. His expertise and teaching skills have been valued assets to the Charity and will be missed. We would like to thank him for all the work he has done over the years.

Rodger will continue to sail as a Skipper for the Charity, so keep an eye on the sailing program if you wish to sail with him.

Training will be continued by our Training team and we are pleased to let you know that  Martin Sewell willing to become our Training Organiser.

Last year a number of training modules have been introduced, available for existing and new members. All information can be found on the website under the Sail Training section. The email address to book  training  remains the same: crewtraining@manx.net  but the phone number to call has changed to 491785.  

Don't turn a blind eye to this.

There is an exciting opportunity for six individuals who have a physical disability and who are aged 16 or over to sail on the Jubilee Sailing Trust yacht Lord Nelson from Douglas to Liverpool this April.  The voyage will be from Sunday 30th April – Wednesday 3rd May

 Those sailing would buddy up with an able bodied member of Barclays staff and all costs including flights back to the Island are  being met by Barclays. The only cost those selected to sail will have to pay will be for insurance.

 This amazing opportunity is available to our members and also to any person living on the Island. If you are eligible and interested or if you know someone who is physically disabled who might  be interested then please email   Darren.Thorn@jst.org.uk at the Jubilee Sailing Trust. Their website is www.jst.org.uk

There is no upper age limit so  come on you older ones there is no reason you cannot apply.

What a wonderful donation

Saturday 3 December Monica and Ian Clark represented the charity at  a coffee morning organised by the Peel Charity at which a number of cheques were presented to Island Charities.  

Sailing for the Disabled were very pleased to have been selected and to be given a  wonderful donation of £2,500.

Their continuing support of has helped with the purchase of our new boat Pride of Mann III in 2014 and this latest donation  cheque will be used for the provision of a large size waterproof suit (XXXL) and replacement waterproof coastal jackets which we make available to our members when they sail.

We wish to thank you the Trustees and  the volunteers to help at this wonderful charity shop for this very generous donation.

The autumn newsletter is out

Our excellent Autumn 2016 Newsletter which has been produced by Linda McCauley has now been released and it has been emailed to all members who have email accounts, hardcopies have been posted to members who don’t have access to the internet.

The Newsletter is available by clicking here for you to read.

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