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What a wonderful donation

Saturday 3 December Monica and Ian Clark represented the charity at  a coffee morning organised by the Peel Charity at which a number of cheques were presented to Island Charities.  

Sailing for the Disabled were very pleased to have been selected and to be given a  wonderful donation of £2,500.

Their continuing support of has helped with the purchase of our new boat Pride of Mann III in 2014 and this latest donation  cheque will be used for the provision of a large size waterproof suit (XXXL) and replacement waterproof coastal jackets which we make available to our members when they sail.

We wish to thank you the Trustees and  the volunteers to help at this wonderful charity shop for this very generous donation.

The autumn newsletter is out

Our excellent Autumn 2016 Newsletter which has been produced by Linda McCauley has now been released and it has been emailed to all members who have email accounts, hardcopies have been posted to members who don’t have access to the internet.

The Newsletter is available by clicking here for you to read.

Changes in the committee

Following the resignation of Steven Dennett and Michelle Felton from the charity, both who were elected as  committee members at the September AGM  and who held the positions of Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary there have been some changes in the organisation.

Neil Johnson has become Vice Chairman and Carole Quayle and Roy Maddrell have been co-opted onto the committee.

Monica Clark has offered to carry out the Membership Secretary role, a position that she previously had and which she carried out professionally.

Should any other member wish to help with administration or committee work please can you contact the Chairman Arne Dahn by emailing sftd-chairman@manx.net

Your assistance would be appreciated and without people to carry out the administration functions the charity would not operate.  

New lifejackets

A number of new lifejackets made by Crewsaver have been purchased to replace some of the older lifejackets which whilst safe were visually starting to show their age. The cost of the new jackets were funded in part by the collection taken at the Flag Day in Port Erin in September and were supplied directly by Crewsaver at a discounted price by a means of  sponsorship .

The new jackets have built in spray hoods, lights, are easier to fit and adjust and importantly have a higher buoyance rating than our previous ones.  

SFTD wishes to thank Crewsaver for their support and we are sure that the lifejackets will serve the charity well for many years to come.

Sailing programme is there for you.

The Crewmaster has posted an extensive sailing programme that currently runs until the end of November on the website. In the programme you will find short sails, day sails and local cruises which you might be interested in. In addition to what is published there maybe opportunities for other sails if you cannot find one that suits your needs, please let us know  what you want.

In the programme in addition to our member sails you will see sails for various community  groups, these we  can accommodate by using some of the capacity we have that is not taken up by our members.

In order to support the sails on the programme we need the help of the skippers,mates and crew without you the boat will not be able to sail. Please come forward and offer your services and  thank you to those of you who have  already come forward .

 Please email Crewmaster@manx.net if you would like to join a sail.  

If you are a Facebook user then the sailing programme can be viewed via our FB page.

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