• The Burro Dragon

  • Some of the helpers at the bag pack Shoprite Port Erin

  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

  • I enjoyed my birthday out sailing

  • We like sailing, why don't you join us.

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

  • Visitors to the Island

  • Ballacottier Rainbow Group

  • Visitors to our waters



This is the start of the SFTD cruising photo quiz. Every two weeks we will show a picture of one of the destinations we sailed to during recent years.

Over time we have been to some fantastic destinations and we would like to challenge you to guess where these photos were taken. If you click on the photo it will enlarge.

Do you know the answer, send an email to secretary@manx.net or send a message via the SftD Facebook page www.facebook.com/SailingForTheDisabledIsleOfMan 

Winter clean

THURSDAY 22 NOVEMBER we have a day organised to thoroughly clean Pride of Mann III. If you are able to give us a hand please get in touch with Bobby (430532) or Gerry (488382). We start at 10.00. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided as always.

A successful Flag Day in Port Erin

We had a busy successful Flag Day in Port Erin on Saturday raising  a fantastic amount of £519.73 ! 
Adrienne would like to thank everyone who helped but in particular Peter Crebbin and Sarah Spencer. These loyal members always work hard  not only collecting but also chatting enthusiastically to the public about the joys of sailing. Thank you all for giving time to SFTD to help with the very important fundraising.

New Committee elected

At the AGM held on Thursday 20 September, which was attended by our Patron Sir Miles Walker, 30 members and 5 non members, the election of officers resulted in the following persons being elected to serve for 12 months.

  • Chairman           Rodger Clague
  • Vice chairman    William Paterson
  • Secretary           Gerry Morley
  • Treasurer           Paul Atkinson
  • Committee members: 
    • Neil Johnson
    • Adrienne Sanderson
    • Carole Quayle
    • Margaret Brierley
    • Peter Crebbin

The new committee will have their first meeting Thursday 18 October and further information on relevant matters will be released to the members via the website following this meeting.


Join us Sunday afternoon 23rd September on ‘Pride of Man III’ and familiarise yourself with what’s involved during a sail.

Whether you’re a new member or would like to obtain ‘reminders’ you’ll be equally welcome! We intend running two ‘quizzes’ for preparing the boat for a sail, down below, and on deck, and then motoring off the berth to the bridge and back, putting our results into practice. 

We’ll also be announcing the dates and times for monthly evening sessions for those of you who wish to be fully familiar with what’s involved.

Just e-mail martinsewell@manx.net, or crewtraining@manx.net  so we know you’ll be with us on the 23rd September (or phone/message 491785)

Many thanks,



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