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Training bulletin

We've been working on preparing a training schedule to ensure we have the 'team' to deliver a comprehensive schedule of sails this Spring and onwards.

Firstly, we'll be putting dates on the schedule for those members who've been undertaking training during the winter but may have missed important modules

This group are encouraged to book onto sails to reinforce what you've learned during these sessions.

Next, we'll be launching the next series of modules for new members and those existing members who wish to brush up their familiarity with how we do things.

These are intended from April- June, subject to the availability of the boat, the trainers, and ,of course; enough of you!

Then, in May we've secured the services of a yachtmaster Instructor to enable us to demonstrate all aspects of the International Certificate of Competence.

Whether or not you already have one, you may wish to take advantage of these coaching sessions and assesments where applicable.

Look out for the practice sessions we aim to run with Bobby Moore during April for existing skippers and mates so we're familiar with the ICC content

In Early June, we hope to be in a position to recommend to SFTD Committee, those members of the sailing team who may be placed in charge of POMIII, as Skipper, and Mate

Supported by a confident and competent crew, to ensure our members enjoy their sailing experiences with us

Collection boxes

When you are out and about in the shops, cafes,pubs,  petrol stations etc please keep  an eye out to see if they have a SFTD charity box on the counter. If they don't you could ask them if they would be willing to have one. Please let Stuart know by calling him on 832212 if you find a new site or if the box is full and needs changing.

Every box out there raises the profile of the charity and brings in extra cash to help run the charity, its pennies  from heaven which make pounds for the charity.

If you are able to helpout by looking after some of our existing sites -please contact Stuart.

Passing of Mr David Le Prevost

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death at Hospice on Friday 3 March of David Le Prevost who was a member of SFTD. David had suffered ill health over the past five years which prevented him getting involved with sailing. Despite his illness David remained positive in outlook and had attended our Awareness Training with the intention of sailing and helping people.

Our thoughts are with his wife Carolyn and children Andrew and Stephen, the family and his friends. 

Corporate Social event Friday 7 April

Friday 7 April we will organise our first Corporate Reception of this year to express our appreciation on the support of our Corporate members and other sponsors. The reception will be on our boat Pride of Mann III from 4pm till 7pm and give you the opportunity to meet Committee members, crew and other volunteers. Please put this date in your diary.

The official invite will be sent to you soon.


Mr Eddie O'Sullivan

It is with sadness that we have learnt of the recent  death of Eddie O’Suillivan who worked for Patricia Wild Optometristst as one of her laboratory technicians.

Patricia has for many years been one of our main corporate sponsors and she and Eddie have attended our corporate evenings. Eddie was a keen supporter of SFTD and was always most interested to hear about our plans and about what we have achieved.

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time and also with Patricia and her team who will greatly miss Eddie.  

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