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London Marathon

It is only 6 days until Mike Crompton is running the London Marathon raising funds for Sailing for the Disabled in memory of his much loved colleague Mr Andy Pailor. Andy was a great supporter of the Charity and he and his son Ben loved to sail with us.  
Please help supporting Mike and the Charity. You can make your donation via PayPal or drop it in one of our collecting boxes that Mike placed in The Cod and Castle chippy and Peel Fisheries Chippy.


Passing of Mr Robert Clifford Teare

It is with sadness that we have to inform you that Mr Robert Clifford Teare has passed away last Monday at his home. Under the name of W E Teare Butchers he has been an enthousiastic supporter and very loyal sponsor of Sailing for the Disabled. He will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts are with his wife Carol, daughters Helen and Diana, sons Robert and James.

Peter Crebbin

Just over two years ago, Peter became fired up to join our charity after listening to an inspiring talk by Ian McCauley  at the Blind Welfare Association. Since then Peter has sailed with us on day sails whenever his duties at the Co-op in Port Erin allow, and is looking forward to his first cruise, where he will be staying  aboard as crew for several days.

An avid “Parish Walker”, for the past seven years, Peter has raised many thousands of pounds for local charities. The picture shows Peter aboard our boat with Ian McCauley, holding a cheque for £2,170.00 (the result of his efforts in the Walk of  2015). Peter went on to raise another large sum for our charity in 2016. He is again participating in the Walk this year and the Co-op is generously supporting his fund-raising by allowing two of our charity boxes to sit  on the counter for the four weeks preceding the Walk.

Peter is the life and soul of the Co-op in Port Erin, well- known to all and was last year Runner-up  for the  Island-wide “Service with a Smile”  award. It’s a real pleasure to have his friendly presence aboard and he is proving himself to be a very capable Helmsman as well as brewing a lovely “cuppa”. 

Membership fee for 2017

It’s that time of the year again when your membership fee was due on the 1st April.  Each year our hardworking volunteer Membership Secretary  spends a considerable amount of time and effort chasing members to pay their subscription.   

This is not fair; so please help her you non-standing order payers and send her your membership fee now rather than her having to spend her time chasing you for payment.

The membership fee is still set at a minimum of £10 but you can make any payment above this figure. Its remarkably good value and not only does this cover your sailing but also your teas and coffees whilst you on out sailing. How many Costas or Starbucks would you get for £10, maybe three?  

 If you pay by cash it would be even more helpful if you were to start paying by standing order, this saves you the effort paying each year and also helps the Membership Secretary.    That must be a win- win. The SO form is available here.

The address to send your money and completed SO form to is: Monica Clark, 42 Wybourn Drive, Onchan,IM3 4AN


Please, please, please help us by paying now.


Spring clean !

Spring has arrived and we are looking forward to a season of fair weather sailing. 

To get the boat in Tip-Top shape we organised a Cleaning & Service Week, running from Saturday 1 April till Thursday 6 April. Being fortunate to having such a grand boat also means a lot of cleaning but with enough volunteers it will be a quick and easy job. Please get in touch with the Crewmaster or any of the other committee members and let them know when you are able to come and help any of those days between 10am and 4pm. As always tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

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