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  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

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  • We loved our cruise to Scotland

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

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Committee members wanted !


The Executive Committee is an enthusiastic group of people that meet once a month to help keep the Charity running. Although some members of the current Committee are prepared to go forward we do need new volunteers.  Please find here the nomination form to be completed by any member 18 years or over, who is interested in becoming part of the Executive Committee or willing to fullfil any of the other roles such as Crewmaster, Fundraiser or Membership secretary.  This form should be completed and returned to the Secretary on or before Thursday 30th August 2018.

A truly heart-warming testimonial for the Charity!

I would like to thank you so much for the amazing sailing experiences I have had on board Pride of Mann 3 this summer. 

I have had so many amazing experiences this summer sailing to so many different destinations. Some of the most memorable moments are: sailing to Ballycastle  and going to visit the stunning Giant's Causeway, sailing all the way to the far South of Ireland towards Kinsale and Crosshaven. This trip was most memorable because we spent 2 full days (more then once) at sea and enjoyed 3 hour night watches. Sailing to the Clyde was most tranquil and we enjoyed, several times, dropping anchor and swimming.

These sailing experiences came at a time when I had been suffering this year with my health due to having Aspergers Syndrome and other disabilities. The trips certainly had positive on my mental health. Being at sea and enjoying the freedom of wind and sail, is a great chance to truly relax and find peace whilst being surrounded by a caring crew in a safe environment. Coming back from the trips I felt much better and positive about myself and better in my health.

I have developed a lot of my skills on the trips. I have increased my knowledge of sailing, the effect of the wind and sails - including how to use them, navigation and tide skills, using the helm and knowledge of using the radio equipment. I have also developed and noticed a number of improvements to my life skills as a result of the trips. These include coping better with change, working better as part of a team and increased confidence.

Thank you again so much for these wonderful sails and cruises and I really am looking forward to future trips.

Kindest regards....

Passing of Mr Chris Copley

We are saddened to inform you that one of our members Chris Copley has passed away very sudden. Our thoughts are with his wife Joanna, his sons Peter and Mark,family and friends. He will be sorely missed.

We are very greatful for the kind donation our charity received in memory of Chris.

Congratulations to the 100Club winners of July

First prize:        Nr 40 - S Turner   £25
Second prize:   Nr 58 - S Jones.   £12.50
Third prize:       Nr 30 - R Killip.     £8.50

We are still hoping for more new members to help boost SFTD funds AND to increase the prize money. Please consider joining or giving a friend a membership of the 100 club as a birthday present. You don’t have to be a member of SFTD to join the 100 Club ! 

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